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one-stop bundled solution for sars-cov-2 detection
· biological safety 
· strong applicability 
· high quality

at present, there are more than 3.8 million cases of covid-19 diagnosed globally and more than 260,000 deaths. the epidemic of sars-cov-2 is raging around the world. large-scale nucleic acid testing has become an urgent need. high-quality sample collection, safe and efficient sample transport and nucleic acid extraction are decisive factors for high-quality nucleic acid detection of sars-cov-2.

the "one-stop" bundled solution of health gene tech provides a series of reagents and consumables required for sample collection, transport, storage, and testing for nucleic acid detection of sars-cov-2, allowing samples to be safely transferred from collection sites to hospitals or reference labs, and be efficiently detected for sars-cov-2 with high-quality results.


sampling kit for sample collection,transport and storage

  • disposable sterile flocked swab

  • sample preservation solution that can inactivate sars-cov-2

  • sample preservation solution tubes are separated from individually wrapped swabs

  • store viral rna at room temperature without degradation for 24 hours

features and benefits

  • safe

    inactivate sars-cov-2 thus reduce the biological safety requirements for sample transport, storage and personal protective equipment in labs

  • stable

    protect rna from degradation thus improve the efficiency of rna extraction and detection

  • convenient

    use at room temperature


magnetic beads virus nucleic acid extraction kit

  • compatible with various specimen types: swab, sputum, bronchoalveolarlavage fluid, blood, feces

  • the obtained nucleic acid can be used for rt-pcr, multiplex pcr or sequencing

  • process 1-32 samples within 40 minutes

features and benefits

  • good compatibility

    be able to handle various specimen types

  • high quality

    the quality of nucleic acid is good to meet the needs of rt-pcr detection or sequencing of sars-cov-2


sars-cov-2 detection kit  

  • one step rt-pcr combined with taqman probe technology

  • simultaneous detection of orf1ab gene, n gene and s gene of sars-cov-2

  • process 96 samples in 2 hours

features and benefits

  • low miss-detection rate

    three-gene detection to avoid missed detection due to virus mutation

  • low false-positive rate

    use ung-dutp anti-pollution system to avoid false positives caused by pcr aerosol pollution when detection volume increased

  • low false-negative rate

    use endogenous internal standard to avoid false negatives caused by rna degradation when improper sample collection, transport or storage

one-stop bundled solution

  • biological safety

    quickly inactivate sars-cov-2 in the samples

  • strong applicability

    compatible with various specimen types, various flocked swabs, and various fluorescent pcr instruments

  • high quality

    stable rna protection, efficient rna extraction, and reliable rna detection

our mission

in the era of globalization in which there is something of each in the other, health firmly believes that the more in times of crisis, the more you need to help one another in defense work; the more critical you are, the more you must cooperate closely. health has accumulated rich experience and resources in the field of respiratory virus nucleic acid detection. our flagship product, "13 respiratory pathogen multiplex detection kit (pcr capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis)" obtained nmpa registration certification in november 2018. this is a clinical diagnostic kit for detection nucleic acids of more than eight respiratory viruses. we are willing to actively provide assistance, use the most reliable products and services to help countries around the world fight the epidemic, and do our best to protect the lives of people around the world.


about us
ningbo health gene technologyco., ltd. (hgt), established in august 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and application services of nucleic acid (gene) analysis and molecular diagnostic products. with the corporate philosophy of "safer society and healthier life", we are committed to independently developing and producing nucleic acidmolecule detection products with internationally leading levels, and providing excellent genetic testing solutions forprecision medicine and human identification.

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